About US

Inclusive Catholic Education of Oregon (ICE), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was organized by group of concerned parents who believe that all our children benefit from inclusive practices in our parish schools. Parish schools across the United States are responding to the call to welcome persons with disabilities in all aspects of Church life, and foundations similar to ICE in California, Kansas City, and Washington DC are making positive changes for inclusion within their archdiocese schools.

Too often our schools are unable to accommodate children with special needs, forcing the child with intellectual or physical difficulties to attend a different school than their siblings. Usually that also means the child will have to give up a Catholic faith-based education, too.

We know that change is possible, and so we created ICE with a threefold mission:

To raise awareness of the benefits of inclusive education,
To provide assistance with regard to inclusive practices,
To raise funds to make inclusion possible.

Please join us in our Mission to make a Catholic education possible for all our children.